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  • Shrama Sadhana Scholarship Scheme(4S) 2016-17
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  • Why choose SSBT COET?
  • - Pioneer in Engineering Education since Year 1983 with sprawling 25Acres Campus
  • - Awarded Best Engineering College of Maharashtra by Engineering Education Foundation (in Year 2008)
  • - Best Placement Record - Over 1000 Students Placed with top-rated MNC Companies
  • - Experienced and vibrant Faculty Team - comprising of 15 Engineering Doctorates, 35+ M.E./M.Tech Members
  • - Investment of over 30 Crores in Building Infrastructure, Laboratories and Technology Updates

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Department of Applied Science - Laboratories

Sr. No.

Laboratory Name

Name of Major Equipments


Engineering Chemistry Lab

Muffle Furnace

Electronic Balance

Ph- Meter

Vacuum Oven


DC Ammeter

Air Dryer






























Engineering Physics Lab



 Function Generator

  Energy gap kit

 B-H curve Kit

LASER Set up


 Diode Kit

 e/m Kit

 Fibre Optic Kit

Magnetic Susceptibility

Magnetic Stirrer With Hot plate

Sound Level meter

 Solar Cell Kit

Display devices Kit


Ultrasonic Detector


Michelson Interferometer

Travelling Microscope

12 volt Motor power supply

Power Supply

Optical Power Meter

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Interferometer

Transistor Characteristics kit

Planks Constant

Four Probe Method

Hall Effect

Law of Malus

Brewster Law Kit

Crystal structure

Measurement of resistivity

Measurement of capacitance

Printer - HP LASER JET 1018


Language Lab

Computers (HCL + Lenovo)

Intel Core 2 Duo E 7500 @2.93 Ghz processsor, G-41 Chipsel Motherboard, , 3 GB DDR 3 RAM 320 GB SATA HDD, DVD Writer, 18.5'' TFT/LCD Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse.






Environmental Lab

Environmental Study VCD’s

LCD Projector EPSON

Compaq Note Book

LCD Projection Screen with Tripod Stand

LCD Roof Fitting Assembly

Speakers 3200 Watt




HOD office and Staff Cabin

LCD Projector -EPSON

Computers- I3 @2.93 Ghz processsor, G-41 Chipsel Motherboard, , 3 GB DDR 3 RAM 320 GB SATA HDD, DVD Writer, 18.5'' TFT/LCD Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse.

HP Scanner - Scan jet G 3010

Printers - HP LASER JET 1018, Canon LBP 2900B






Received through Funding Agency

Quartz Furnace (PID Controller) upto 12000C

Capacitance Measurement upto 6000C

Reristivity Measurement upto 6000C

PID Controller Furnace Fully Automated upto 12000C

Microcontroller Spinner ( 10,000 rpm)

Vaccum Oven upto 3000C

Hydrothermal Autodave with PID Controller