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Department of Chemical Engineering - Laboratories

Lab No.

Laboratory Name

Name Of Equipment With Specification


Mass Transfer- I

Absorption In Packed Bed Column
Wetted Wall Column
Cooling Tower
Fluidized Bed Dryer
Solid Dissolution Apparatus
Single Effect Evaporator
Solid In Air Diffusion Apparatus


Mass Transfer- II

Bubble Cap Distillation Column
Liquid- Liquid Extraction Column
Batch Crystallizer
Ion Exchanger
Spray Column
HTU, HETP & NTU Column
Solid Liquid Extraction
Adsorption Column
Digital Electronic Balance
Vapor Liquid Equilibrium


Fluid Flow Operation

Venturi Meter, Orifice meter & Nozzle Meter


Mechanical Operation

Plate and Frame Filter Press
Ball Mill
Jaw Crusher
Ribbon Blender
Sigma Kneader Mixer
Vibrating Shifter
Mini Pulverizer
Sieve Shaker
Cyclone Separator
Fluidized Bed Apparatus
Electrical Balance
Electronic Balance
Plate & Frame Filter Press
Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter


Instrumentation Laboratory

Ph Meter
Bimetallic Thermometer
Digital Conductivity Meter
Digital Flame Photo Meter
Photo Colorimeter
On-Off Temperature Controller
Digital Ph Meter (O2)
Digital Ph Meter
Dial Bimetallic Thermometer
Refractometer 0-28
Refractometer 62-92
Refractometer 28-62
Digital Temperature Thermocouple


Process Control Laboratory

Pneumatic Control System
Control Valve Characteristics
Dynamic Response of Control Valve & Rota meter
Dynamics  of Single Tank System
Dynamics  of Two Tank Non-Interacting System
Dynamics  of Two Tank Interacting System
On off Temperature Controller
Temperature Control  Trainer
Flow Control Trainer
Pressure  Control Trainer


Project Laboratory

Penske Marten Flash Point Apparatus
Orsat Apparatus
Digital Melting Point Apparatus.
Cloud Point And Pour Point Apparatus
Digital Electronic Balance
Penetrometer Apparatus.
Drop Point Grease Apparatus.
Photo catalytic Reactor
C.O.D. Reflux Apparatus.
Evaporator Set Up
Micro Kjeldahl’s Distillation Assembly
Hydra Pulper
Paper Shredding Machine
Film wise And Drop Wise Condensation
Dimple Tube Heat Exchanger
8 Computer Laboratory Computer HCL-Ezzbee, Intel Core & HP Commercial
Ups 600 KVA
HP Scanner, Scan jet 4070
Printer HP 1022
LCD Projector
DVD Writer
LCD Projector  EPSON
P.C. Microphone
Laser Printer   HP 1020
Canon Printer  2009
HP Colored Printer
IIT Video With Hard Disc
Solid Liquid Reactor


Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory

Rotating Basket Reactor
Catalytic Packed Bed Reactor
Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
Plug Flow Reactor {Straight Tube Type}
Plug Flow Reactor {Coil Type}
Cascade Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
RTD Studies In Packed Bed Reactor
RTD Studies In Annular Reactor
Electrical Balance
Digital Electronic Balance


Chemical Technology

Vacuum Pump
Muffle Furnace
IR Lamp
Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate
Heating Mantle
Electronic Balance
Water Bath
Manual Centrifuge
High Temperature Oil Bath
Laboratory Oven
Viscometric Bath


Research   Laboratory

Computer  LENOVA Think centre
LBP-CANON-2009B Printer
Cone Penetrometer
Soxhlet Extractor Unit
FTIR  Spectrophotometer
Melting Point Apparatus
Digital Electronic Balance
Reflectance Meter(Photo Volt Type)
Say bolt & Redwood Viscometer

Departmental Library:
Department is having its own library which includes Text Books, CDs, Projects, Seminars and Journals. Do you have any query/ need any information from our Chemical Engineering Department? Write to us on hodchemical@sscoetjalgaon.ac.in. We will get back to you with solution. Current/ Ex Students, we welcome your Suggestions/ Comments and look forward to have long term Relationship with you.

Please keep visiting for latest updates and announcements.

Chemical Engineering Department