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Department of Civil Engineering - Consultancy Services

SSBT’s College of Engineering & Technology, Bambhori, Jalgaon
CONSULTANCY SERVICES: Societal development through technological input

SSBT’s College of Engineering and Technology, Bambhori, Jalgaon was established by the auspicious hands of Her Excellency Smt Pratibha Patil in year 1983 who later got crowned as the first lady president of India. The college is operated by Shram Sadhana Bombay Trust which is a charitable trust working for the societal development. Today the college is a prestigious college of Maharashtra having recognition at national level also. The college has magnificent infrastructure, state of art facilities, and qualified and experienced staff, all dedicated for the cause of educational excellence. The consistent tradition of educational excellence has made this college as the first choice of engineering education aspirants in the region.

Apart from the noble work of education, the faculty of the college uses its potential for consultancy and research work also. It provides its technical expertise to the various government and private organizations for solving their technical problems and bottlenecks. In this process the faculty uses its most advanced equipments and testing facilities for material characterization, site explorations and sophisticated calculations. The various agencies taking benefits of the facilities and expertise available with the civil engineering department of the college include: Central Railways Bhusawal, western Railways Jalgaon, Ordnance Factory Warangaon, Zilha Parishad Jalgaon, Zilha Parishad Amalner, Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, PWD Jalgaon, Water supply department, National Highway authorities, Bharat Petroleum Limited, and so many private organization.

The various types of consultancy services provided by the department to the client can be broadly classified into following categories1) Testing of various types of materials used in civil engineering works, 2) Structural auditing of old structures 3) Third party inspection of government’s construction works 4) Determination of strength of soil for civil engineering works, 5) Survey of land for topography.

The various materials tested include soil, sand, gravel cement, bricks, tiles, water, concrete etc. the testing is done by the qualified and experienced faculty using most advanced and sophisticated equipments available in the laboratories. Most of these equipments are either digitalized or computerized. They are calibrated from time to time through the competent certifying agencies. The material testing is done in accordance to the Indian Standard Codes of practices and the results are compared with their standards.

The structural audit is using advanced non destructive methods. The digitalized NDT required for such testing is available in the laboratories of the college.

The various government departments get their construction works done through private contractors. They need a third party technical certification at the completion of the work. Such certification is also done by the competent faculty members of the college.

The determination of strength of soil is one of the most important aspects of civil engineering. In fact in civil engineering, ultimately all structures finally rest on the soil. It is the strength of the soil which dictates the stability and strength of the structure. The soil strength is determined by field exploration or by laboratory methods also. The filed exploration is done by two methods- the Standard Penetration Method and the Plate Load Test Method. The Plate Load is a huge equipment and is very expensive. In March 2019, the Tapi Valley survey and Investigation Divisional Unit, Jalgaon needed to determine bearing capacity of soil at one of the location in Tapi river bed. They wanted it to be done by the method of Plate Load Test. They approached our college as this equipment is available only in this college in the whole region of North Maharashtra. The expert faculty of the college provide them necessary technical assistance and using the equipment determined the soil strength. It required over 72 hours of investigations on the site, continuously day and night. The construction work at the site has started now. Attached herewith are some snap shots of the investigation done at the site.
A snap shot of the technical audit being done at Water Tank at village Ravanga is shown in fig 3.

Fig 1: Installation of Plate Load Test

Fig 2: Plate Load Test Apparatus working at
Apparatus at Tapi Valley Site. Night at Tapi Valley Site.

Fig 3: Technical audit of water tank at village Ravanga.

The college has generated significant amount of revenue through this material testing and consultancy work. In the financial year 2018 – 19, this amounts to Rs 32 lakhs. The SSBT’s College of engineering and Technology, Bambhori, Jalgaon is ambitiously moving ahead on the path of societal development through technological inputs. Hope it will cross more milestones in the times to come.

Dr Mujahid Husain
Head, Civil Engineering Department
SSBT’s College of Engineering and Technology
Bambhori, Jalgaon, MS.