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Department of Civil Engineering - Laboratories

Sr.No. Lab Name Name Of Major Equipments 


Transportation Lab Marshal Stability Apparatus
CBR Apparatus
Centrifugal Bitumen Extractor
Water Bath
Standard Penetrometer
Penetration Kit
Density Basket
Devel Attrition Machine
CBR Mould
Perforated Base Plate
Extention Coller
Soaking Tank
Electronics Balance
Ductility Test Machine
Dial Thermometer
Ring & Ball Apparatus
Standard Tar Viscometer
Penetration Needle
Flash & Fire point Apparatus
Closed Circuit Equipment


Fluid Mechanics Lab-1

Redwood Viscometer Dial Cylinder 47.625mm Hight of Cylinder88.90mmm, Lenghth 12mm , Leveeling screw, Ball valve
Francis Turbine Sump Tank 3.5m. X 0.7mx 0.65m, 1.5HP motor, 3 Press. Gauge, 1 Vaccumme gauge 1 draft tube , delivery pipe 10cm dia.1 control valve, 1 venturimeter
Peloton Wheel App. Sump Tank 3.5m. X 1.0mx 0.6m, 15HP motor, 3 Press. Gauge, 1 stear valve, one brake drum dia. 0. 5 m dia. , 1 venturi meter suction pipe 7. 5 cm dia. 1 Discharge valve
Water Current Metre
Flow Through Orifice &Mouth Piece
Impact Of Jet
Discharge &Flow Over Notch
Reynolds App
Francies Tuebine-2 Out put power 1 kw with kirloskar pump set l7t make sterter , mechanical dynamometer and ss tank, tank with dig. Tachometer
Bernoulli's App


Fluid Mechanics Lab-2

Centrifugal Pump Sump Tank 2.6m. X 0.65mx 0.65m, 1 hook gauge with trolly wheel, another collecting 0.8x0.8x0.8m , length 3.0 m 3HP motor, 1 Press. Gauge, 1 Vaccumme gauge Succume pipe 5 m dia. , dilevery pipe 5.0 cm dia, 1 Control valve
Adjustable Channel Sump Tank 2.6m. X 0.6mx 0.6m, Collecting tank, 0.85x0.85x1.0m. , 3HP motor, 1 Press. Gauge, 1 Vaccumme gauge Succume pipe 5 m dia., dilevery pipe 5.0 cm dia. 1 Control valve
Wind Tunnel


Engineering Mechanics Lab -1

Torsional Pendulum
Reaction Of Forces App.
Simple Jib Crane
Belt Friction Apparatus
Differential axle & Wheel App.
Worm & worm wheel app.
Fly wheel 25 cm dia.
Bevel Gear
Helical Gear
Epicycle Gear
Cycloidal Gear


Computer Lab

Mother Board Intel 865 GSA845 Origional Press call Ready 533 RSB
CD -R /RW Drive Unit Computer Disc
HP Laser Jet 4070 Printer
Cannon 2900 LBP Laser Printer
HCL AM 2902 Computer System HCL AM 2902 Intel care
Computer System HCl Ezeebee Comp.
Computer System HCL AM 2902 Comp System Intel care
SAP 2000 ( Soft ware)
LCD Projector
Computer System Acer Veriation M200 Desktop Intel HCL
LCD Projector
HP Laser Jet 1005 Printer S/N CNH8H7288 CNH8H723MZ
Computer System HP Commertial 280 GIMT desktop J7V 61 AV Intel care


Environmental Engineering lab

Alum Jar Test Apparatus 220 volts, speed 100 RPM
Dig. Conductivity Meter Systronics Make,
Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate Model No 2MLH, Max speed 1200 RPM
Nephello Turbidity meter Systronics Make, Type 131, Range 0-500 NTU
Oxygen Analyzer ( D.O. meter ) Systronics Make , Type 141
pH Meter Systronics Make, Dig. Type 335.
Socket Apparatus 3 HNK capacity 230 volts Heating Capacity 250.
Dig. Spectrophotometer Systronics Make
P.C. Based spectrophoto meter Systronics Make, P.C. based double beam UV-VIS ( 190 nm - 100nm 0.5 to 6.0 nm adjustable B/W )
Jackson Turbidity meter
Muffile Furnace
Autoclave Labin make Elecrically operated , vertical
Mambrane filterApparatus
Hot air Oven c- BJ 44 Size 35x35x 35 cms Bio- tech make
Bacteria Colony Counter Lab- Hosp make
U-V cabinet L 3655254
Multigas Anaizer Model NPM MGAZ with P.C. Comunications for CO2HO, O2, & CO with oil Temp. & RPM
Elect. Power Supply Variable 210 Volts
Dig. Turbidity meter Model BST 341 Make Bio nics
Solari meter O/P- W/ m2
High Volume Sampler Nitel Make
B.O.D. incubator 2 Shelves / 90 Lit.
Eloectronics Dig. Balance CONTECH Cap. 220 gm , acc. 0.001 gm
NR Lite Radio meter NR Lite Radio meter , single components 15 m. cablewith accesspories


Engineering Geology

Mineral Specimens
Mineral Specimens
Mineral Specimens
Ignious Rock specimens
Ignious Rock specimens
Ignious Rock specimens
Sedimentary Rock specimens
Sedimentary Rock specimens
Sedimentary Rock specimens
Metamorphic Rock specimens
Metamorphic Rock specimens
Mineral Slides
Rock Slides
Structural Models
Bruton Compass
Clinometer Compass
Geological Chisels
Hardness Box
Geological Hammer
Magnifying Lenses
Crystal Model Set
Pocket Knief
Pocket Lenses
Pocket Lenses
Pocket Magnets
Pocket Magnets
Streak Plates
Streak Plates
Wooden Specimen Trays
Wooden Specimen Trays
Aquameter CRM -500
Mono. Polarizing microscope
Geological Maps
Mineral Slides
Rock Slides
Mineral Specimens
Topo sheets
Topo Sheets.
De- Resricted Arial Photo.
Computer System-   HCL


Geo.Technical Engineering Lab

Direct Shear Test Apparatus AIM 102 , I.S. 2720, S.No 84115 with two dial gauge
Additional set of weigts AIM 102.11
Core cutter AIM 135 , I.S. 2720, S.No 841675 .
Permeability apparatus AIM 121 , I.S. 2720, S.No 84228
Soil sampling Auger Blade Type AIM 151, Soil Sampling auger Blade Type, 100 dia. pair
Soil sampling Auger screw Type AIM 154, Soil Sampling auger screw Type, 38 dia. pair
Spit Spoon sampler AIM 171 , S.No 84257 .
Hot Air Oven ( Small ) AIM 3080 A Temp. 50 -250 c
Hot Air Oven ( Big ) AIM 3081 A Temp. 50 -250 c Aluminium chamber size 18"x18"x18"
Vane Shear Test Apparatus AIM 110, S.No 84110 .
Proctor Penetro Meter AIM 129, S.No 85304 .
Rammer ( Light ) AIM 124.2Rammer, 2.6 Kg x310 mm Controlled fall .
Rammer ( Heavy ) AIM 124.3Rammer, 4.8 Kg x450 mm Controlled fall .
Shrinkage Limit Set AIM 021
Liquid Limit Device AIM 016 , I.S. 2720, S.No 85705 .
Sieve Shaker ( Motorized ) AIM025 , Motorised, S.No 85705 .
Compaction test App. ( Light) AIM 124 , I.S. 2720, S.No 851170 .
Compaction test App. ( Light) AIM 110 , I.S. 2720, S.No.1987 .
Compaction test App. ( Heavy) AIM 124 .4 , Gun metal 150mm dia. 127.3 Hight I.S. 2720, S.No 85116 .
Compaction test App. ( Heavy) AIM 111 , I.S. 2720,
Tri Axial Out Fit AIM 092 Tri axial out fit, AIM 048 Load fram, AIM 055 Triaxial stationary bushing AIM 265 Proving ring , AIM 054 Dial gauge AIM 079 Const. press.system ,AIM 087 Sensitive volume change gauge , AIM 070 Pore pressure apparatus.
Oil water Const. Press. System Cp. 20 Kg /cm2 S .No 85039
Un Confined Comp. Test App. AIM 034 Cap. 30 kn motorised
Sand Pouring Cylinders AIM 136, small
Consolidation Apparatus AIM 114 , I.S. 2720, S.No 85131 .
High speed stirrer,cup, Brass lid
Balance CAP. 10 Kg Acc. 01 gm
Balance CAP. 10 Kg Acc. 01 gm
Direct Shear Test Apparatus loading unit motorised
Liquid Limit App.Motorized ASTM Type grave
Elecrtonics Convertion Unit For Tri Axial Test App. Electronics converssion unit
Standard Penetration Test app.
Permeability Mould
Plate Load Test Apparatus AIM 157 , aim 15721 plan m.s. Plate 30 cm x30cmx sq.x 25mm,15722 plan m.s. Plate 45 cm x45cmx sq.x 25mm,15723 plan m.s. Plate 60 cm x60cmx sq.x 25mm, 15724 plan m.s. Plate 75 cm x75cmx sq.x 25mm, AIM 15710 Anchor spike , AIM 15711 Quick realiease clamp, AIM 158-=s1 Load truss Cap0. 300 Kg.
Spit Spoon Sampler


Testing of Material & Concrete Lab

Mould Cast Iron 15 cm x15 cm,AIM 341, I.S. 516, S.No 841218
Briquette Mould 3 gang base plate, AIM 426, S.No 85038, 85040.
Cement Spatula AIM 427
Cylindrical Mould 15cmx 30 cm,AIM 349, S.No 841693,583,1683,1656,1684, 1690
Beam Mould 15x15x70 AIM 347, S.No 85132, 861408,85141.
Tile Abration Testing machine AIM 462, S.No 85028
Slump Test Apparatus AIM 320, S.No 851711, 851719.
Vibrating Table AIM 361,S.No 85136
Loss Angles Abration Test. M/c AIM 458, S.No 85160
Lateral Extensometer 150mm x 300 mm,AIM 376, S.No 85068
longitudinal Compressometer 150mm x 300 mm, AIM 375, S.No 85071
Compression Testing Machine 2000 KN,AIM 311, S.No 85277
Integral Type Tention Compression Proving Ring 10 KN,AIM 287, S.No 85033.
Tile Flexure Strength Testing Machine 200 Kg AIM 460 S.No 85021
Demountable Mechanical stran gauge 200 mm AIM 370 S.No 85196
Cube Mould Steel 70mmx70mmx70mm, AIM 414, S.No 856310, 6297, 6313, 6320, 6290 & 856314
Aggregate Impact Testing Machine AIM 456 S.No 85290
Thickness Measuring Device dial gauge 0.01mm x 25 mm, AIM 462.1, S.No 85011
Vibrating Machine AIM 416 S.No 85535
Flow Table Motorise AIM 323,
Compaction factor Apparatus AIM 325, S.No 85130
Tamping rods AIM 345 S.No 851464,8414473.
Le- Chateliears Mould AIM 400 S.No 853865,TO 853870
Thickness Gauge & length Gauge AIM 450 I.S. 8489, s.No 2386.
Universal Testing Machine 40 t
rockwell cum Brinell Hardness Tester
Pendulum Impact testing Machine Izod & charpy
V.B. consist meter ( Sigma )
Tortion Testing Machine
Test Sieves ( Brass )
Roller 25mm Dia. For One pair
Concrete Mixer
standard Specimens for Hardness Tester
Steel Ball, Cylindrical Metal 3-6-10Q
Aggregate crushing
extenso meter P M K III
Concrete Test Hammer
jaw crusher and devel Attrition Machine Lab Type
Cement autoclave & Le Chateliars mould
Tensile Testing machine 5000 Kgs 5000 Kg, motorised fitted with Dig. Desply system
Comuterized Convirtion Unit for UTM Machine UTC-40
Computers & others accessories
Icon system Balance
Vicat Apparatus
Universal Testing Machine Inst. Code- IE- UTNE -100
Cast iron Cube Mould
cast iron Cylindrical Mould
Cast iron Beam Mould
Extenso meter IE-SE-EE2-PCB-SW02 with SW2PCB
Compression Testing Machine AIM 320-E mu-1,
Cast iron Cube Mould AIM 344,
cast iron Cylindrical Mould AIM 349,
Cast iron Beam Mould AIM 347
Electronics Balance 20 Kg Cap. 20 Kg Cap. Acc. 2gm Cap 40 gm , S.No.7061498
Sound level Meter Lutron Imported Dig. Desply 3, V2 Dig18mm LCD .
Concrete Test Hammer
Vicat Apparatus with ISI marks , IS 5513 with dashpot AIM 394
Le- Chateliears Mould with ISI marks , IS 5514 AIM 400


Survey Lab

Theodolite 20"
Theodolite 1"
Hand Level
Auto Level
Plane Table
Telescopic Alidate
Borton Compass
Chain 30 m
Chain 20 m
Mirror Sterescope
Staff Stands
Ranging Rods,ranging rod stand
Curve Set
Substance Bar
Spanner set
Line Ranger
Optical Sdquare
Indian Optical Quare
Box Sextant
Adjustable Cross Staff
Cross Staff
Indian Patern Clinometer
Cylone Ghat Tracer
Spirit Level
Magnetic Nieedle
Abney Level
Nautical Sextant
parallex Bar
Staff Stands
Ranging Rod Stand
Theodolite 1"
Total Station
Auto Level
Digital Planimeter
Prismatic Compass



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